Spiritual Gifts: Cultivating Discernment in an Age of Social Media
sponsored by Rays of Healing Church
Monday Dec.2, 2019
Location: Intuitive Wellness Center
(in the Kings Park Professional Building)
8996 Burke Lake Rd, Suite L 106
Burke VA 22015
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We are in a time of heightened energies which support the emergence of Spiritual Gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc). But how do we trust what we are sensing and feeling…and how do we discern “truth” from what we are hearing from others? In this presentation, Stephanie will discuss the concept of truth and spiritual gifts. We will discuss the evolution of channeling and how these abilities can emerge. For many, their abilities are developing and they look to teachers and channelers for insight…but their messages vary. We will discuss how to develop discernment when on social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) and how to develop discernment with your own abilities?  

This session will end with a meditation that includes Light Language (one of Stephanie’s Spiritual Gifts) to open the heart and release old ‘programs’ of fear and judgment so that you may discern your own personal truth as you move forward.
Suggested donation at door (goes toward room rental and other church programs): $25
The Physical and Energetic Effects of Meditation at the 2019 NAEA National Convention
I'm happy to share this recorded presentation from the 2019 NAEA Conference in Boston, MA. If you want to learn more about the effects of meditation, check it out.
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The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook
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