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The Physical and Energetic Effects of Meditation at the 2019 NAEA National Convention
I'm happy to share this recorded presentation from the 2019 NAEA Conference in Boston, MA. If you want to learn more about the effects of meditation, check it out.
Feeling into Manifestation (WORKSHEET)
A manifesting process clarifies your desires. A regular practice lines up the energy and directs it into physical form. This worksheet helps develop a practice with tips and an easy to use checklist-calendar. Try it for 20-30 days and see what manifests!
Connecting to the Higher Self (WORKSHEET)
The Higher Self is the eternal, fully conscious, most evolved part of you. It is the real YOU. It knows about all of your incarnations. It is the holder of important information. It knows the life lessons you intended to learn. It knows about your Karma. It knows the processes going on in your body. The Higher Self is connected to the Human collective, and to Universal Source Energy. Being connected to your Higher Self helps with intuition and inner guidance. If you are among those who repeatedly see number sequences, it is the Higher Self that inspires you to look at the clock at just the right moment. This worksheet is a fun way to become more connected to your intuition through your Higher Self.
The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook
You can purchase my workbook, The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook on To learn more or to order, just click the WORKBOOK button. 

No workshops are currently scheduled for 2022 or 2023.

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