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About Chewning Mind-Body

Being a freelance graphic designer has allowed me the flexibility to explore other areas of interest in my life. I meditate twice a day and know what a powerful tool it can be. Meditation not only affects the physical body by changing chemistry...but it can also activate the energetics of the body (our electromagnetic biofield).  In 2010, after experiencing strong vibrations running through my body, I started to read everything I could find on Kundalini Awakenings. In 2014, I became interested in the importance of breathing and took online courses on the science of breathing and started studying therapeutic breathing modalities. I trained in Transcendental Meditation (TM) which became my personal practice. In 2014, I decided to study Reiki to better understand the energetics I was still experiencing. In 2015, I completed my Reiki Master certification. I started teaching a small Mind-Body class in my condo in 2015. I was asked to present mindfulness topics at a 3-day national education conference (2016-2019). In 2016, I became certified in HeartMath® (an established stress reduction program with years of medical studies that show the benefits of connecting breath with positive emotion while being heart centered.) In 2017, I finished a 2-year medical evidence-based certification in Mindfulness Meditation (well suited for guiding group meditations). I combine all of these modalities in my classes and workshops as well as teaching what I call "The Principles of Energy" (Universal Laws).

Mind-Body topics are becoming more mainstream (approximately 1,000 attend my classes during the 3 day education conference each year). in 2018, based on questions I received in classes and workshops, I published a workbook to help others explore their own mind-body connection. The Cardinal Mysteries, A Workbook to Help You Navigate Your Awakening is available on The workbook explains in simple terms how energy works. Observing patterns that keep repeating in your life is the first step to personal empowerment. 12 worksheets in the back of the workbook provide practical exercises to help the reader navigate these changing times.

My classes and workshops encompass a grounded, medically-based exploration of the body's energetic system. Ancient established traditions of meditation and philosophy are also presented in ways that are understandable and can be practiced in daily life.

Where you can find me

  • Guest Speaker: I will post on the Home page when I am presenting as a guest speaker. If you want me to be a guest speaker, contact me at

  • Amazon: I have 2 books on Amazon:

  1. The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook, Stephanie Chewning

  2. The Jacob Stone, S.C. Couzens )


Where you can find The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook

The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook can now only be found on Amazon:

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