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Session Detail


Typical Session Set Up


Healing Disc, Orgonite Chakra Discs, Vogel Crystals, Selenite, and a Rose Quartz


Solfeggio Chakra Tuning Forks and a Weighted Fork
for the Heart Chakra

Looking for a Reiki Session?


Energy workers all work in their own unique way and I discovered early on that I connect better from a distance. Not all Reiki practitioners work this way and prefer to work in person. I only work remotely for Reiki sessions but that doesn't mean you are not present in the process.

We are all connected through a Unified Field (the Source Field). This explains synchronicity and so much more. If interested, look into Albert Einstein's comments on quantum entanglement and "spooky action at a distance".

I usually schedule sessions at night, before you go to bed, so that you can fully embody the changes while you sleep and jump start your healing. This usually means a session will start at 9PM EST and end at 10PM EST and you can go to sleep after the first 15 minutes if you feel tired.

Your part of the process:

  • I prefer you to be alcohol-free on the day of our treatment.

  • Start on your back with your arms to your side for the first 10-15 minutes, you can place a pillow under your knees if it makes you more comfortable. After 10-15 minutes you do whatever feels best, even fall asleep if you like.

  • If you are comfortable and want to be present with the process, you can stay on your back and just relax. Notice any sensations in the body. Some people who are energy-sensitive may feel buzzing or tingling, warmth, energy 'squiggles' under the skin or other sensations. These are all signs of 'energy on the move'. 


  • I will send an email the next morning with details from the don't stay awake for my notes. They may be done that night but I wont send until the morning because I don't want you to be 'in your head'.

My Part of the Process:

  • My tools (as needed): I use a special "Reiki form" that I designed specifically for my process (I'm also a graphic designer). It is printed on a mat that represents your body. I use my hands, several 'true' Vogel Crystals as well as Vogel 'Style' crystals, other various colored crystals, orgonite and chakra stones, Pleiadian disks, Omnivos Solfeggio tuning forks and a weighted tuning fork for extra Heart Chakra work.

  • There are 7 main energy centers that follow the spine (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown). I start with the bottom energy center (Root) and work my way up the body to the top of the head (Crown) until all chakras are balanced and their vortexes are spinning in the correct direction.

  • I often intuitively get messages or words that I write down and share in case they have meaning to you.

  • I keep detailed notes as to what I am feeling in each Chakra, direction of the spin, what forks or stones I used. I will interpret it as to what emotions or worries are most often associated with this imbalance. You will receive a 'session summary' in an email the next day.


A session costs between $20 - $375.

The process on my end is 2.5 hours and is normally charged at $375. It involves a half hour of set up, the session is at minimum 1 hour, and 1 hour to write up the summary. My tools are also an expensive investment (especially the true Vogels which were made especially for me for my healing practice).

If you are financially struggling and can not afford a session, pay what you can afford but make it at least $20.


You can send payments through PayPal. Paste or type the following into your browser to be taken to PayPal (replace the 375 at the end with the amount you can afford).

I believe an energy exchange is necessary. If paying a reduced cost, the 'balance' can be paid to the Universe by sitting in silence and sending the energy of Love out into the Source Field. Don't take this lightly. Our Mother Earth (Gaia) is in great need of a frequency shift. Her waters need to be cleared, her air needs to be cleared, her soil needs to be cleared, her primary life form (us) needs to be lifted into a more conscious and evolved state. Fear and hate need to be lifted into COMPASSION and LOVE. So sending Love into the Source Field is important. We are not just individual souls having an Earthly experience...Humanity is a 'unity being'. We are all connected. Send it with the intention of the Universe sending it to where it is needed most. It may even come back to you one day.

And one final word, thank you for your part in all of this. As we each heal and raise our individual frequency... it counts toward the overall needed frequency shift of the planet for Ascension. We are now within the Ascension timeline. Things may look dark but great things are coming once we make it through the storm.

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