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Great Awakening Logo
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What is the Great Awakening?   'Awakening' is a term used in the spiritual community to describe when a practitioner starts to resonate at a higher frequency and connect with their Higher Self. Through that connection, they have access to new information and a veil is lifted and they see through  illusions. They start to understand their creative power. We are at the end of a 'spiritual season' and frequencies are lifting even for those who do not practice meditation or other forms of spiritual development...a next step in our evolution. People are starting to realize the nature of the reality that we live in. We are becoming aware of the power of our thoughts and emotions. With fresh eyes, we are seeing the corruption around us. What was hidden is now seen. We are waking up en mass as a human collective...the Great Awakening. We are powerful when we come together. We want freedom and peace. We want healthy food and water. We want clean air and healthy frequencies. We want leaders who are honest and compassionate.

This logo spreads the energy of Ascension helping bring about the Great Awakening.

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Cover for The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook

($15 on Amazon)

Watch this video for more information on the Cardinal Mysteries Workbook:

Are You Seeing Signs?

  • Do you frequently see repeating numbers like 11:11, 2:22, etc.?
  • Are you experiencing coincidences that don't seem random?
  • Are you noticing more synchronicities in your life?
  • Have you been drawn to meditation or other mind-body practices?
  • Are you feeling buzzy vibrations or energy running through your body?
  • Do you sometimes feel pressure or tingling in the center of your forehead (3rd eye)
Earth's energies are changing... and so are we. The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook (2018) will help you understand the true nature of reality. This workbook will help you see why certain patterns keep repeating in your life (in your relationships, career, and health). You will begin to connect the dots between your internal world and the world that manifests around you. This book takes difficult to understand metaphysical teachings and presents them in ways that are easy to understand. Information is given that is relevant to current shifting energies. Topics include the body's energy system, spiritual gifts, Universal Laws (like the Law of Attraction), Karma, and soul contracts.
The 12 worksheets will help you navigate the changes you may be experiencing:
Learn the power of focus, mindful breathing, several forms of meditation, alternate nostril breathing, connect to your inner guidance, discover your life's purpose, the power of forgiveness, connecting to the Higher Self, learn to pivot into better feeling thoughts, effective affirmations, and a handy checklist on the final page.
If you are "awakening", this book will help you make sense of what you are experiencing.


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Just for visiting this page, you can download for FREE the "Connecting to the Higher Self" worksheet from The Cardinal Mysteries Workbook. This fun exercise will give you clues from your Higher Self (that eternal, fully conscious, most evolved part of you) on what is holding you back and causing turbulence in your life. It is an "in the moment" exercise and your answers will change each time you do the exercise. It is a useful tool that can be revisited as often as you like!  Just click the page image above to start your download.

Other Work

($2.99 on Amazon)

The Jacob Stone by S.C. Couzens
Interested in the power of your thoughts and emotions? This is a story that explores the concept of deliberate thought in a fictional setting. A story that blends fantasy, mystery and romance. This book is a fairytale of sorts. It lets the reader decide what is allegory and what is real, and what can be left behind as fantasy and storytelling.
While walking her dog Milo in the cemetery, Grace discovers an ornate music box among the tangled roots of a fallen tree. The music box, and the otherworldly creature trapped inside, lead her to the mysterious McClellan family and the secrets they have hidden for over a century.

Grace finds Fin McClellan handsome and personable, but also distant and guarded. He longs to break free from the family secrets that imprison him, but the biggest secret of all hides within his own house.

Christina McClellan Alexander, Fin’s sister, is a gifted painter. Her art studio is filled with multiple paintings of the same winged being. As she and Grace become closer, she introduces Grace to the family’s secrets and eventually its legacy.

As the mysteries unfold, they lead the reader through a rich family history spanning two centuries. It is a family’s story that begins in the early 1800s as whiskey merchants and includes famous artists, spiritualists, gamblers, prostitutes, a secret family council, a mysterious neighbor, deception, murder and the transformative power of  love.

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