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Booking a Distance Reiki Session


I only book one session per day, on days that I do session. Your session can be scheduled as a morning session, afternoon session, or a night session.


Mondays: 9AM - 4PM (no evening appointments)

Tuesdays: 9AM - 4PM my time (no evening appointments)

Wednesday: 9AM - 4PM AND 7PM to 9PM

Thursdays: 9AM - 4PM AND 7PM to 9PM

Friday: 9AM - 3PM (no evening appointments)



* Sunday Appointments considered by special request

I am on the East Coast and I often schedule sessions at night, before you go to bed, so that you can fully embody the changes while you sleep and jump start your healing. For example, a session might start at 8PM EST and end at 9PM EST and you can go to sleep after the first 15 minutes if you feel tired. If you are not on the East Coast, we will schedule a time that works for both of us.



A session costs $375.

The process on my end is 2.5 hours and is charged at $375. It involves a half hour of set up, the session is at minimum 1 hour, and 1 hour to write up the summary. You will get a write up the next day and a scan of my detailed notes. Plus I also do an intuitive process at the end where I ask your guides to give me a message related to each chakra.

You can send payments through PayPal. Paste or type the following into your browser to be taken to PayPal.

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