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I am fascinated by the medical benefits of mind-body practices and received my certification as a Meditation Teacher through The Mindfulness Center* in Bethesda, Maryland (a medical evidence-based 2 year program). I am also a certified HeartMath® Coach, and certified in Reiki (Level III/Reiki Master). I teach meditation and breathwork in the Alexandria, VA area (in addition to maintaining my graphic design business.) My classes encompass a grounded, medically-based exploration of the energetic system and how it works with our physical body.


I believe we are here to live and experience life and not bury our heads in hours of meditation. As in all things, I strive for balance. Life is meant to be fun!

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* For more information on The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD

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The Meditation Teacher Training through The Mindfulness Center is in partnership with the National Association of Social Workers. It is a 160-hour training program that teaches through medical evidence-based studies as well as blending ancient established traditions of meditation.

Training includes different modalities of meditation, Pranayama (breathwork), and moving meditation (Qigong). The course also includes meditation training for specialty groups such as pain management, cancer support, and trauma/PTSD.


20 additional hours of Community Service are required for full certification.




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