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(since 3.11.24)


Insight Timer Donations are appreciated and support my work. If you find this weekly session beneficial and wish to donate through PayPal, paste or type the following into your browser to be taken to PayPal (replace the 35 at the end with the amount you wish to donate).

Symbol Coaster:

If you want something
more tangible than the PDF,
I put the symbol on a sandstone coaster in my
Zazzle store. This is what I use during the Attunement.

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Symbol Button:

If you want something
small for your pocket
to connect to during the week (and not just on Mondays) I put the symbol on a small button in my Zazzle store.

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Clear Your Thoughts and My Healing Grid Meditation


Do you feel like you are caught up in an endless loop of repetitive negative thoughts that are pulling down your frequency? Thoughts are electrical in nature and often get stuck in repetitive patterns. Grounding for 30-60 minutes can help clear your head because it re-connects you to the Earth's electromagnetic field and can re-pattern electrical thought signals. It's worth a try, right! Take a walk in nature, touch a tree, slip your shoes off and walk on the ground, better the wet grass or wade in the ocean or a stream. Water is conductive. (And you are approximately 60% water when hydrated so, drink up!)

Also, if you are on Insight Timer, my Group Healing Grid Meditation  will help clear those pesky repetitive thought patterns. I guide you through a clearing of the thought grids and emotional grids. Negative memories that have stayed with you will start to lose their importance, because without their emotional charge they lose their momentum. They become less frequent and less important. Resulting in a clearer energy field (thoughts/emotions/memories) so when you manifest, you are magnetizing from a positive other words, you draw in the "good stuff"!


The Grid meditation is on the free side of Insight Timer and does not require a paid subscription.

On the phone app, look for the meditation under the "Teacher profile" for Stephanie Chewning .

Monday Manifesting & Attunement

Harness the momentum of 'group manifesting'


Mondays  8:00 - 8:20pm EST

There are TWO steps to Manifesting: 'Asking' and 'Allowing'.

Step ONE: ASKING:  We 'ask' by default all day long. But if you are wanting to be more intentional and work more actively with the energy... here is a fun process that you can do on your own throughout the week to start lining up the energy that we will 'tap into' on Monday nights during the Group Manifesting & Attunement process (with the Symbol, Step 2)

Step One Explained (Healing)
00:00 / 06:57
Another Example: Abundance
00:00 / 02:38

Step TWO: ALLOWING:  (Starting March 11, 2024)  Looking for an easy way to manifest with a group? Watch the video for an overview of the Monday night process. We will simply send energy at 8pm (EST) for 20 minutes. There is no sign up, no logging in, no tracking, no Zoom, no Facebook. Just sitting on your own with a printout of the symbol and sending energy. Using a symbol is also a great way to focus your attention and calm the mind.

When 3 or more individuals come together with a combined focus BIG shifts can happen.

Why am I doing this Group Attunement? I am interested in harnessing the power of group intent, with a symbol unifying us... so that we may manifest as a unified "Collective". I also want to develop an ongoing modality for those who want to join on an ongoing basis during their healing process. If you are interested in the success of manifesting groups, Lynne McTaggart's book The Power of Eight explores the success of focused group intention. In our group we will harness the same group intention of well-being and see what results we get.

The symbol:

I am a graphic designer by trade and design logos (symbols) for a living. I use sacred geometry in my healing art and I often create and work with symbols to collect my focused attention for manifestation. This symbol is one I developed specifically for "group healing" and to anchor our collective intentions. I was guided to a pentogonal pyramid for this group. I often see geometric patterns in meditation. Our energy is in geometric patterns all around the body and our thoughts and emotions feed into these grids. In honesty, I'm still trying to figure out the significance of this 5-sided shape that I've been shown but I know it has to do with healing the energy I went with it.

My part of the process:

Group manifesting works when three or more people combine their focus and create the momentum that shifts reality. There will always be 3 people in the main core group that practices at 8pm EST on Mondays. At 8:00pm–8:20pm EST, I will call in my Guides and focus on sending and receiving loving healing energy to and from the group through the symbol (think of it as a 'portal' that connects us all). I also use tools and processes I have developed over the years to amplify the energy.

Your part of the process:

  • Click on the symbol above to download and print the Group Attunement sheet (a PDF). 

  • Pick a time: If you can participate on Mondays at 8PM EST then you will be in the core group, creating the "spark of momentum" that will carry over to others who participate at other times (or in other time zones). If you are in a different time zone, then participate on Mondays at 8pm in your time zone to possibly capture 2 other people in your time zone. If 8pm or Mondays don't work for you then practice at your preferred day/time. I suspect we still will all connect through the symbol...but I am not sure. So give feedback if you practice at another time.

  • Begin by staring briefly at the symbol. You can trace parts of it with your fingers if it makes you feel more connected.

  • Read the affirmation (also on the PDF) to set your intention:

“I am a spark of the Divine Creator, therefore I affirm that I too am a creator. I ask my Guides and Higher Self to help me — and all in this group — manifest our desires for our highest good and well-being. I am thankful for my many blessings and I thank my Guides for their assistance in this manifesting and healing session."


  • Focus/Breathe/Feel for 20 minutes: Close your eyes and connect to your heart center (Love is the frequency of Source). On the inhale imagine drawing in loving healing energy, through the symbol, into your heart. On the exhale, imagine sending loving healing energy from your heart back through the symbol... out to all in the group and into the Source Field. That's it, but Feel into it! We manifest not only through our focused thoughts ... but our emotions fuel the momentum and create the magnetism that draws things to us. So smile and think of something that makes you feel joyful or excited. If your mind wanders, briefly open your eyes and look at the symbol again and reconnect to the emotion love and joy. Don't try to make anything happen, just be in a loving "state of allowing" and send healing energy. That's all. (The Universe knows what you are wanting to heal or manifest, no need to focus on the problem during the session) That's it!

  • More? If you are inspired to practice throughout the week more than on just Mondays, follow your intuition. You can even print out a smaller version of the symbol and carry it in your pocket.


  • Pay attention. Throughout the week, pay attention to signs of energy moving. You will feel more connected, lighter and more hopeful when the energy is starting to shift. If you are sensitive to energy you may feel more sensations of 'energy on the move' (tingling, buzzy). Make note of synchronicities. If you are familiar with manifesting on a singular level, notice if things  manifest faster in a group practice.

fb reminder image.jpeg

JOIN a Group.  It would be very helpful if you would consider joining one (or both) of the following groups. I don't ask for contact information so I have no way of knowing how many are in the group. I will continue on my end as long as there is interest. I post a reminder in each group each week so if you set notifications you can get a reminder every Monday. I also will post updates, results and feedback when I have them and I hope you will too. Thank you.

  • Facebook

Insight Timer Group.  If you are on Insight Timer, be sure to join the Weekly Attunement Group for reminders and to connect with others in the group. I hope the group will grow over time to give impactful information on the success of group intention.  From the phone app type "Stephanie Chewning" in the search field, select "Groups" tab, select "Weekly Group Attunement Group" ...or use this link


Facebook.  If you are on Facebook and wish to connect with others in this group and share your experiences, there is a private Facebook page for this Attunement Group.  This will also give me feedback and allow me to connect with the group. Use this link to join:  

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