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Grounding through Mindfulness

Start the day off with a guided mindfulness exercise and learn the importance of grounding daily to the Earth. Kick off your shoes, follow your breath, and reconnect.

The Principles of Energy

The physical effects of meditation and yoga are well documented, but the energetic effects are less understood (or known) in the West. Often addressed in Eastern philosophy, esoteric metaphysical teachings, the effects of meditation, yoga and other mind-body practices can be transformative. While not experienced by all, these changes can be exciting, expansive and exhilarating…or confusing and even scary if not understood. Yoga and meditation can activate and unblock the body’s energetic meridians.


Have you experienced spontaneous movement or vibrations when you meditate or practice yoga? Perhaps you have experienced a buzzing in the body upon waking in the early morning? Practitioners may develop new levels of thought, sight or hearing as new ways to interpret energy begin to emerge. In addition to affecting a person’s health and “inner world”, these practices can also increase synchronicity and affect one’s “outer world” as well (career, relationships etc.) If you are starting a personal meditation or yoga practice, you will find this discussion interesting and informative.


Topics include: The energetic purpose behind meditation and yoga, principles of energy (Chi/Prana), vibrational frequency, effects of emotions on vibrational frequency and energy meridians (chakras), Kundalini Awakening and chakra openings, importance of breath, applications of deliberate thought, affirmations (why they work and why they don’t), increased coincidences and synchronicities, and other esoteric aspects of activating the Pineal and Pituitary glands.


Session will start with some breathwork, a short meditation and an energy exercise. We will end with Q & A and open discussion. Share your experiences, all questions are honored.


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