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With over 7,000 attendees this year, the 2017 NAEA Conference in NYC was a huge success! Below are photos & video & recording samples of sessions from the Conference. If you wish to have me speak at your next conference or event, email me at
Thanks to all who attended, emailed and IM'ed me. The room was a tad small for some of the sessions this year, so I appreciate those of you who were willing to sit on the floor! Your willingness to be open  to the mind-body connection will serve you well. For those of you who stayed for the Q&A after class and to continue the conversation shows that interest in mindfulness, meditation, conscious breathing and energetics is growing and becoming more mainstream. I appreciate you all!
Above: the program guide.
< < < <   My 2016 McCormick
Center classroom awaits!
Below: NAEA's 2016 Conference floor at Chicago's McCormick Center. (6,000+ attendees)
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